Saving valuable time and resources

Artificial Intelligence to automate local logistics

AutoPilot System Aito operates vehicles of almost any size. Automating industrial, urban & rural logistics. 

Shaping the future of autonomous driving, Aito reduces the cost of transport by up to 90% while enabling cost-efficient 24/7 emission-less on-demand logistics.

Aito AutoPilot

  • Edge computing
  • Elevator integration
  • Building integration
  • Road Infrastructure Tech
  • SAR Satellite Mapping
  • Drives vehicles up to 30t
  • 100% Electric

Aito Integration

Combining all modes of transport

AITO-operated self-driving transport systems automate logistics processes. AITO-operated vehicles intelligently combine with traditional means of transport. Leveraging the specific advantages of each mode of transport to facilitate the use of robotics technology in cities, rural areas and in industrial environments.


Completely automating regional Logistics

Aito autonomously drives street transporters such as the "Aito XS". Automating local logistics wherever permitted. Enabling its users to cost-efficiently automate their logistics. Saving valuable time and money. Pulse 1 minimizes energy and space requirements of local logistics while avoiding harmful emissions. The solar-powered "Range+" version covers almost unlimited distances.

Meet the Team

Torsten Scholl

Co-founder, CEO and Board Member

Xenia Scholl

Co-founder, COO and Board Member

Craig Twyford

Board Member

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard

Advisory Board


Business Development Expert

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We can be reached in Germany, Switzerland and in California.

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  • Aitonomi AG
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    CH-3960 Sierre, Valais
  • Germany
  • TeleRetail GmbH
    Prinzenallee 7
    40 549 Düsseldorf
  • USA
  • TeleRetail Corporation
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