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Internet of Things mobility Platform

TeleRetail makes local products available for robot supported delivery. Order local products and have them delivered to your desk, office or home. Share experiences with your friends and receive updates from local stores based on your interests. Shoppers use TeleRetail to save time and money when purchasing from local merchants.  

Your world at your fingertips

  • Saving consumers valuable time
  • Maximizing the local product selection
  • Optimize product pricing & service levels
  • Continuous Feed-back loop for customers
  • Available in iOS and Android Applications
  • Powerful integrated Route Optimization

Perfecting your life

micro mobility provider

TeleRetail saves consumers valuable time and money. Making local products available at advantageous pricing and with robot supported delivery. Allowing consumers to experience a truly royal life where wishes can be fulfilled at the push of a button.

personal micro mobility

Cost efficient market expansion

TeleRetail develops autonomous and semi-autonomous delivery robots to deliver orders to its customers. Enabling consumers to access a wide selection of local products at the ease of using an App.

Meet the Team

Torsten Scholl

Internationally recognized IT Visionary and Technology Entrepreneur

Ksenia Vereshchaga

Experienced International Software Development Manager.

Roger Easlick

Global Technology Infrastructure Implementation Expert

Richard Owens

Arguably the pre-eminent branding identity sales man in the US.


Business Development Expert

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We can be reached in Germany, Switzerland and in California.

  • Switzerland
  • TeleRetail AG
    Rue Technopôle 10
    CH-3960 Sierre, Valais
  • Germany
  • PiXanta GmbH
    Wildenbruchstrasse 35
    D-40 545 Düsseldorf
  • USA
  • TeleRetail Corporation
    275 5th Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103