Saving millions billions of hours

Automating local logistics

TeleRetail automates logistics while minimizing the ecological footprint of transport. Its self-driving robots save valuable time and resources for users, worldwide. Its Logistics Orchestration Platform combines couriers, taxis, drones with its self-driving transporters. Combined, the company’s technologies reduce the space, cost and energy requirements of local logistics up to 90% - thereby significantly improving the quality of life on planet earth.

Anything Anywhere

  • Saving valuable time
  • Minimizing surface area requirements
  • Saving 90% energy
  • Prevents traffic congestions
  • Maximizing local vendor accessibility
  • Minimizing urban shipping costs
  • Eliminating harmful emissions
  • iOS and Android Applications

Logistics Automation Platform

Combining all modes of transport

The TeleRetail 3D Logistics Automation Platform makes it possible to gradually introduce self-driving transporters. The platform intelligently combines unmanned and manned means of transportation such as ground robots, drones, bike couriers, elevators and taxis. It leverages the specific advantages of each mode of transport to facilitate a gradual integration of robotics technology in cities, on campuses and in industrial environments.

TeleRetail "one"

Completely automating regional Logistics

The Sensor Fusion Platform and its LIDAR Vision Algorithms facilitate self-driving street transporters. Completely automating local logistics wherever permitted. Enabling private as well as industrial users to cost-efficiently automate their logistics. Saving valuable time and money. The "one" minimizes energy and space requirements of local logistics while avoiding emissions entirely. The solar-powered "Range+" covers almost unlimited distances.

Meet the Team

Torsten Scholl

Internationally recognized IT Visionary and Technology Entrepreneur

Ksenia Vereshchaga

Experienced International Software Development Manager.

Roger Easlick

Global Technology Infrastructure Implementation Expert

Richard Owens

Arguably the pre-eminent branding identity sales man in the US.


Business Development Expert

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